Thursday, May 07, 2009


Man is a social Animal.. But isnt he also not supposedly RATIONAL.
I simple miss the point in people deriving pleasure in letting the World know their feelings.
Something that has started irritating me oflate is the GTALK STATUS Message.
Gtalk Status msgs have been adorned with Philosophies to the Symboled Expletives..
Is it a freak sign of letting the world know that you are up to something , Is it the Dirty EXHIBITIONIST attitude in you that shows up in the status message or is it Childishness...

Now, having said that, I m just wondering .. Why do i have this blog?

Sunday, April 05, 2009

The balancing Act...

Juggling between Kitchen and laptop is keeping me busy of late and hence this hiatus from the blog..

Will be back soon!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Feeling that Was....

There are few things in life that stays forever with us. That pink barbie doll or the old cricket bat, the sweater untouched in your wardrobe, the memory of the first time you went out all by yourself, the smile on mom's face when you graduated... the list never ends!!

But there are few feelings that you would want to cherish but alas life snatches it away rather rudely!
Remember how you felt when India won the 20 -20 world cup... U would have wished that moment to prevail...!!
There are harsher moments life presents to its patrons, for instance ask a lady who has just had a miscarriage what it feels to be pregnant. She would have been deprieved of "feeling pregnant" even b4 she realised she was.

Ask the young lovers who have just broken up about love... They have already parted ways even before they could acknowledge the love they share...

But as always, all this bring in a dawn of realisation. Realisation abt what is important, what is transient!! Above all, it just reminds us, Man proposes God Disposes... and i believe God knows what He is up; So, incase He disapproves of our proposal.. Trust His instincts.... HE is always right!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

poorna's songs

HEre is the link to one of her English songs... ! Click on the user for other songs!

Brickbats welcome!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Wait

"She would be home anytime now. Had she been caught up with work she would have called me. Maybe it’s the omni-present traffic that’s making it late.
She would have called if she knows she would be late.
No clue what plans she would have for the weekend. I wanted take her to the temple. Maybe she would be catching up with her friends or would be working on weekends or would be huddled in her room married to her computer for two full days.
What would she want for the dinner? Maybe her regular chapattis and dal sabji or maybe she would want to indulge in rich pulav?
This girl drives me crazy, keeps me guessing what she is up to."

Suddenly, she glances on the photo hung in the drawing room. Its the Wedding Snap of her daughter.
A drop of tear greets the onset of realization.
All that remains are her thoughts that are here to stay!
Weird, Isn’t it! A mom would love to have her daughter married ("married away" = "Kalyanam panni Kodukardhu" in Tambram vocab) and yet would put on the pain of being away from her daughter...However said Childbirth meant lot of joyous pain, maybe Childbirth is the beginning of lots of joyous pain.

Monday, April 07, 2008

"Silence is Golden"

It was waiting for a long time. Of all days, today it was let free but suddenly was pulled back and made to wait. Wait for a real long time. It was feeling Sick, tired and bored of the wait. It really wanted to come out and reach its destination. First it was the meditation hall, then a long speech, the a temple, all these factors contributed to the delay. Finally it was the car. It wanted to come out but again a strange but strong retaliation forced it back..
The wait continued...
If you were wondering what "IT" reffered to.. its THOUGHTS. How would it feel to suppress a person who is active in thoughts ( though i woundnt use the term THOUGHTFUL here) and equally active with spoken words. Wait, if you didnt understand my previous sentence, i was just wondering how tough it would be for a TALKATIVE person to bundle up thoughts and all those spoken/unspoken words.

I find the term TALKATIVE derogatory in the first place. Might be Silence saves us from all those avoidable conflicts and misunderstandings.. but that doesnt mean that all so called SILENT people are saintly.

Silence has to be followed under certain circumstaces, agreed, but people who hail silence as virtue really intrigue me. No fault of theirs, and not fault of mine too... They have their right to remain silent and I have my right to take a stand on their silence. A talkative person knows what a great deal of mental and verbal control ( rudely put, Numbness) yeilds a silent person. Maybe being Silent shields the individual from avoidable problems, tussles and misunderstanding. With the elementary ground rule, "Words once said cannot be taken back" prevailing, Silence is surely a winner of the race.. but is it really worth keeping thoughts to yourself and wondering if it would be right to talk.
Might be Timing is the key... As they say in Tamizh, EDAM PORUL AEVAL are the important aspects here too ...
Well.. this is a talkative post, agreed.. but blogs are not for adhering SILENCE obdiently, or is it ?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Everybody loves Raymond

If at all there is anything that i love to watch (ofcourse other than my Anand).. it is the Barone family.
Be it Mr.Confused Ray Barone or Mrs.KnowItAll Marie or Mr.IDontCare Frank or Mr.NobodyLikesMe Robert or the cutie pie Mrs.Shout&Apologise Debra... they are all so natural and give the viewers the feeling of peeping into somebody's home.
Well... as someone been into HOMEMAKER status very recently, it fun seeing the bubble burst in a household..which attimes makes me laugh at my own actions...

On the whole.... I mite have been 10 years late to the FRIENDS and Everybody Loves Raymond cult in Dubayaland..but i m loving it...loving it bigtime..